492 requests… woo lawd


gonna start working on requests right now!

i’ll try to get them done in order they were requested (older ones first) but it’ll really depend on how easy the manip will be to make. so please be patient with me! i have over 200 requests and i’m only one (busy) person so i’m sorry if yours hasnt been done yet.

also some manips you guys are requested i have like no idea who some of these people are so im sorry if those take longer too bc obviously i’ll have to research more/it’ll be harder finding pictures of people i’m not familliar with. if it’s people you don’t see usually on any of my two blogs, please maybe tell me some good gallerys or sites i can find pictures of them at!

i’m baack! leave requests :)

Anonymous asked » Wer can we see how many manips u have to do ??😊

I have 159 requests/messages so far if that’s what you mean!

artisticteenager asked » Wait I'm confused. Are requests open or closed as of now?

Open! Sorry, I haven’t updated this. Will do now!

Anonymous asked » when will requests be open again? (: i've always wanted to request a manip from you but i've sadly never had the chance.

They are open! :)